An Introduction to SNIA – SFD16

The first session to kick off SFD16 was presented by SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association.“The SNIA is a non-profit global organization dedicated to developing standards and education programs to advance storage and information technology.” –

This session was an introduction to SNIA and the role that they play in creating technical standards and educational materials. SNIA as a whole works towards bringing vendors into a neutral zone of standards, simplifying technology and creating boundaries to work within. SNIA runs forums, approximately 50 in the last 3 years where webinars and presentations are run to allow anyone to choose to learn about any particular storage technology. They also provides a plethora of educational items from white papers, articles, blogs, IT Training, conferences and certification courses all free, run by SMEs of their own companies.

SNIA focus’ on many areas from physical storage, persistent memory, data security, network storage, backup, and much, much more. In the words of Dr J Metz, “Generally speaking, if you can think of it, SNIA has a project that’s working on it, or looking to promote it or educate about it.”

Having learnt more about SNIA and the great work they are doing to help promote and educate about storage, I have gone and looked into a number of their education items, particularly the white papers. I encourage you to also head over and check out their material.

For more details, head to and check out the video from Storage Field Day 16.


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